Our new business unit deals with conception and production of film projects.


We focus on the development and realization of film subjects which are suitable to connect both the highest artistic demand and the interest of the audience.


In doing so, we focus on the latest, relevant topics.


Therefore, we strive to produce much more cost-efficiently, thus faster and more frequent than it would be possible with a traditional film production.


Against this backdrop, our entrepreneurial concept is based on a low-budget production with state-of-the-art technology, system cameras and not least the iPhone.


At the same time, our films follow firm principles already in terms of content and production technology, enabling a very economically efficient realization without compromising the artistic demand.


Similar trends in the international film scene confirm our approach.


Our first feature film production MEL. THE OTHER LIFE which premiered February 2017, followed these mentioned principles. It had a budget of CHF 30,000.



Since 1995, Riverside AG is active in the market segments media,

art and entertainment.


Apart from film, our areas of activity are:


Development, design and production of media content;


Realization of art projects;


Music production


Development and marketing of rights, licensing;


Creative consulting for entrepreneurs and artists